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* DataCloudVault online backup software is designed to securely upload your files to our safe servers. You have the option to modify upload schedule, folders to backup, and many other features. Our online backup software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Mac computers. In addition, for the convenience of mobile access you can use the mobile apps to download and view your uploaded files via your mobile device (Android or iPhone).

** During the installation your computer may require a reboot to finalize DataCloudVault configuration. Please make sure you save all of your unsaved work before doing so. Should you have any question about installing the software please contact us and one of our technical team members will help you with your question about DataCloudVault software.

** Occasionally some firewall software may prevent new installations on your computer. Please make sure your firewall is not preventing DataCloudVault software to communicate with the offsite servers. If your firewall blocks the online backup software it cannot upload and protect your valuable digital information.

** You are required to run the software at all time on your computers. We may keep the right to disable and delete the stored data from the servers if your account stays inactive for more than 30 days. If you want to simply upload your files on the servers and leave them there without communicating with the server using our software you should send your data to “Virtual Drive” which is included in our Backup Ultimate plans. If you have any question about maintaining the DataCloudVault Online Backup Software do not hesitate to contact us and we do our best to resolve your issue.

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